1) Patient data - step A: upload file

Provide the data describing your patients by means of a tabular dataset (i.e. CSV, TSV - UTF-8-encoded text file).
Each row of the Patient Data file should characterize a single patient by specifying, in different columns, the patient_id, patient_birth_date and, optionally, the patient_gender and other patient facets that you would like to use to stratify patients. After uploading the Patient Data file you will interactively define the type of patient-related information specified by each columns.
Download the example dataset (generated by Synthea), including a patients tabular file.
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Columns of the Patient Data file:
  • patient_id: (mandatory) ID that unambiguously identifies the patient (any non-empty String can be used)
  • patient_birth_date: (mandatory) Birth date of the patient (the format of date will be automatically parsed while importing data)
  • patient_gender: (optional) Gender of the patient (any set non-empty String can be used - at least two different value to characterize female and male patients should be present)
  • patient_facet_1: (optional) arbitrary feature (set of strings / nominal values) useful to characterize patients (any set of non-empty String can be used - e.g.: each patient can be characterized as: DIABETIC, NOT_DIABETIC, UNKNOWN)
The Patient data file can include an arbitrary number of columns, provided that the previous set of mandatory columns is present.

Patient age (patient_birth_date), gender (patient_gender) and the arbitrary patient feature (patient_facet_1) can be exploited in subsequent steps of the comorbidity analysis so as to filter / stratify patient population in order to execute scoped analyses. Some examples of arbitrary patient features (patient_facet_1 column) includes size of the family (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE), ethnicity (ASIAN, AMERICAN, etc.), level of education (ELEMENTARY, HIGH, etc.).

Example of Patient data file format:
"patient_id"    "patient_birth_date"    "patient_gender"    "patient_facet_1"
"261"           "22-07-1947"            "F"                 "DIABETIC"
"823"           "01-02-1930"            "M"                 "NOT_DIABETIC"
"911"           "12-12-1980"            "M"                 "NOT_DIABETIC"
Error message: Patient data file not selected - pelase upload a valid file.
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Is the first row an header row specifying column names? 
  Check if you are providing Patient Data by means of a a tabular UTF-8 text file (i.e. CSV, TSV) in the format defined by the PERSON table of the OHDSI Common Data Model